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Created ORD vertical ad banner and added to all pages on the right side in the sidebanner area. Look, it’s right there on the right. Look at it, I dare ya! For those of those out of the loop ORD is the gathering of gaming mongrels I belong to.

Moved the site from www.cruzio.com to www.woodyb3.net by way of Verio. Should allow me to do much more cool web shmoke. So far Verio has been sterling in their service and support.


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Created the custom www.echo.com ad banner that you see at the top of the page. Tried to find one on echo’s site and got BONED! I still think their site is one of the all around best for online listening. No audible ads, lots of customization options, flawless page and flash design, good amount of content thats growing larger and a good mix of what you want vs. stuff they throw in the mix. Remember, if you see an ad banner on woodyb3.net it’s there because the site is ass-kickin, not because they crossed my palm with the green.